Friday, March 1, 2013

Geishas From Hell

Let me spritz your memories with this light and lovely memory spritzer link.

I made this sampler for The Radio From Hell team.

No, that is not Jesus. That is Kurt Cobain in angelic form. For some of you, that might be the same thing as Jesus. I went to high school in the 90's, so I understand.

When Bill mildly chastised me on the radio for not 'finishing' the sampler I had Vietnam flashbacks of my childhood elementary school, remembering the spinster teacher crones who often regarded my penmanship worksheets the same way. Those ladies were scary with their rulers and their duct tape! (At some point, I should talk about my weird private school experience. Back-burner.)  I see what Bill is saying with the whole 'not finished' comment. Maybe I've watched too many Project Runway episodes and so I think it's normal to be called to the front of the class and defend your work. I see how this sampler looks like a coloring page before the crayoning.


I was going to go up to the show and finish it there, but I didn't want to have to unpick anything or stitch over anything while people were watching me. And I kinda like it how it is. So there. (I have an ongoing fantasy of Gordon Ramsay berating me over this embroidery and then Tim Gunn gently consoling me with his neatly pressed hanky. And then Benedict Cumberbatch comes in and things go crazy.)

So I didn't go up to the X96 studio. Instead, I made this.


I am mailing it today.


Maiko Kerry-san and Geiko Gina-san
on the night of
Shikomi Bill-chan's mizuage.


  1. Simply and utterly amazing!!!

  2. If he gives you any crap about this one, I may have to fly out and beat him with a beach umbrella. It is awesome!!

  3. Oh hellz yeah. You finished the crap out of him. Booyah, Bill!!