Monday, April 22, 2013

Doomed Birthdays and a Giveaway Winner Announced

The Winner of the Go Fork Yourself Giveaway is Barbara! 

Her birthday was commemorated by the Boston marathon bombing and her daughter's birthday is September the 11th. I have always worried about those poor kids who have birthdays on that day. 
Here is her winningly sad story. 

No. "I" need this! My sister and I say this to ourselves all the time because we come from a family of complete cRaZies! Today is my birthday...4/15....turned out to be pretty know, the Boston marathon tragedy that I heard about on the radio as I was driving 50 miles to the grocery store. (yes..I live 50 miles from a forking grocery store!!)

I have a daughter born on 9/11. As my daughter remarked today..WTF! Are all the birthdays in our family to be marked with terribleness? Oh..and I was also diagnosed with celiac disease two weeks ago, and it seems my 4 offspring likely suffer from it also. Our food supply in this country is poisoning us all!! HOW IRONIC! Me, a champion bread baker from way back, and my husband's favorite food is 'dough.' Well, he is just going to have to be 'doughless' because I'm not cooking twice..once for him and once for me! So...Fork Me!!

Everybody should also check out her lovely website Stitchpography. She is an incredibly talented stitcher! I love her!

Please send me an email, Barbara! (thecottonfloozy[at]gmail[dot]com)


  1. Yes, well I have Waco Texas, the OKC bombing and the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, among other things on my April 19th birthday. And I have bad skin. So there.

    1. Holy crap, Eileen! You are dooooooomed! (Also, please send me your address because I miss your face with its beautiful beautiful skin, and I want to send you something.)

  2. OMGOODNESS!!! YAY!!!! I'm SO Happy!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Wahoo!!!!!

  3. I feel better already. Barbara E. is very deserving of your give-away.