Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Depression

Now, I have talked to you before about Reverse SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) and some of you still don't believe that such a thing exists. 


And I am starting to freak out a bit with summer right around the corner. Spring is lovely. And I am sure that I would appreciate it without all of these danged allergies. Every orifice of my face is a spigot. I am taking so many anti-histamines that even my bones feel sleepy. But outside it is pretty. I can tell, because I am looking at it from the safety of my window.

This spring I am going to mentally prep myself for summer. I am going to buy some blackout curtains for my bedroom. I am going to re-read all of the Dresden Files series. I am going to farm out my kids to relatives. This summer should also be better because I will be working part time at the coffee shack and will have access to shot after shot of espresso. Iced. (Because even one hot cup of coffee makes my body temperature rise.) Lots and lots of iced americanos. I will stay inside as much as possible and away from the oppressive day star and its oppressive oppressive heat. I will survive the summer, oh yes. I will survive.

There is this song that Spongebob Squarepants sings. I love it so much that I embroidered it.

I know of a place
where you never
get harmed.

Of course, when I was putting the embroidery in the frame, I accidentally dropped the corner on my face and gave myself a fat lip, thus disproving the whole 'never get harmed' theory.


  1. I am also an indoors girl. While my family wants to frolic about in the sunshine and go outside to swim in our pool, they wonder why oh why does mommy prefer to sit inside in the air conditioning.

    Duh. No sun. No grass. No bugs. And there are no sofas outside! That's why!

  2. Sunshine is evil, although it does a lovely job drying my sheets. I ignore it until I need to rotate laundry.

  3. I am dying over the cross-stitch and am so sorry to hear about your lip! To getting through the summer!

  4. Where I live it's foggy all summer long, and I love it!