Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Debrie Bardeaux is Punny

'I'm not a MOTHERBOY anymore. I'm a MOTHERMAN!'

I finished watching all of the new season of Arrested Development about three seconds after it was released on Netflix. I had planned on not watching it all at once, since I wanted it to last all summer, but yeeaaah. Whoopsies. I had planned on pacing myself. 

But I do not know how to pace myself. Mr. Floozy is always getting after me to slow down and enjoy the experience more, whether it be television shows or the books I am reading. I like to read books fast. And I will start to freak out if I don't have about three books lined up and ready to read. Once one book ends, I pick up another without taking a breath of air. This might be a problem. I heard that breathing is important.

I used to be really good at cataloguing the books I had read on Goodreads, but not so much anymore. The only point of Goodreads for me is to remember what books I have read. If I don't mark it down, I will go to the bookstore and accidentally buy a book that I already own. I did this last week. 

I know that I watched Arrested Development Season 4 too quickly. I plan on watching it again in a year or so. If you haven't watched it, you should, but be forewarned that the show starts pretty slow, but quickly picks up and becomes unstoppably hilarious. The second to last episode about Buster was dayamn funny. (See above embroidery.)

Maria puts wigs on her dogs. I like her.

 And Maria Bamford was in the show! as Tobias F√ľnke's new love interest, Debrie Bardeaux (pronounced 'debris.') I love Maria Bamford. My friend Yvette pointed out her youtube series to me about two years ago. You need to watch the first episode. You will dork-laugh until your eyes sting. The first episode of 'The Maria Bamford' show is titled, 'Dropping out of Society' and tells about when she had a nervous breakdown on stage, disappeared from society, and wasn't seen again until three months later when somebody recognized her selling clock radios on a street in Detroit. Depression has never been so funny or kicked so much ass. Because she is from Duluth, Maria does a killer Minnesota accent. Anytime she does an impression of her mother talking about Target, I keel over.

Are there any other funny shows that I should be made aware of? I mean TV shows. (Netflix please.) I hardly go to movies anymore because lately they super suck.


  1. Pacing is for wimps. Truly good entertainment deserves to be consumed in such quantities that it becomes a feat of endurance.

    I'm not on netflix anymore, so I don't know if you can get this, and maybe you already saw it, but if you haven't, maybe you could check out "The Young Ones" if you have any interest in gross british humor from the 80s?

    Also, "Father Ted."

    (will post clips on facebook book where it's easier to do in a comment capacity.)

  2. Gross British Humor is my favorite genre after Gritty Cop Drama with a Strong Female Lead.

  3. I'm catching myself up on Supernatural and Fringe (soon). 10th Kingdom as well :) and yes, Father Ted! which apparently isn't available to stream..rotten Netflix..