Friday, June 28, 2013

My House Art that is Art in My House

Embroidery is time-consuming. As is quilting, crocheting, knitting, and crafting in general. My mom quilts and spends twenty thousand billion hours on each quilt. If she sold a quilt, calculating its price at seven dollars an hour, it would probably cost someone a million dollars and the soul of a dying unicorn. So she never sells them. It's simply not worth it. She gifts them to friends and families and hopes that they appreciate them.

I still sell my embroideries, but trust me, I'm not making very much money. I usually just hope to break even or make two dollars. And I sell as fast as I stitch, so because of supply and demand, my embroidery prices have gone up. My Etsy store is empty, except for a 'custom order' option. Most of my custom orders have been made through private messages on my Facebook page. I have the coolest customers and they come up with the funniest ideas for embroideries.

It's hard being an artist. Most artists create art as a compulsion, rather than as a means of bringing home the bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon.

And so, when I do sell anything, I like to use that money to buy art from real, hard-working artists. It is a better investment of my time and money. I make things for about a buck-fifty an hour and so do they.

Here are a few works that I have purchased with my Cotton Floozy earnings. I like to buy funny things.

One of my favorite crafter artists is Iggy Starpup.

I own these two lovely prints.

And she makes the most wonderful embroidery hoops IN ALL THE LAND.

Grumpy Cat

I added big watermarks because pictures like these tend to go viral, and then the artist never gets any recognition. This happened to another one of my friends, Jennifer from Grimmricksen. She didn't have a watermark on her awesome button (which, duh, of course I own a real-life button of this) and it went viral. I saw it EVERYWHERE. You probably did, too. But she went unaccredited. She tried to do some damage control. I tried to do some damage control, but it was like trying to stop a horde of Bieber Fever Tweens with nothing but a butter knife and a voice of reason. IMPOSSIBLE. Grimmrickson now has a watermark. Smartness.

Get your own button for your blog HERE.
Or buy a purty print HERE.

On my fake-fireplace mantle I have this lovely print from Kat Martin.

Here is a closeup. 


My kids love it, because they are huge Dr. Who fans. I like Dr. Who myself, but stopped watching after David Tennant left because I lurv him. I know. I know. I've heard it's really good. I promise to give the new doctor another chance. Although, I guess he's not new anymore and they are about to get a new NEW doctor.

This is not the only Dr. Who art I own in my home. I also own these kickass prints from Desarae Lee.

Desarae is a local artist and we are still planning on doing a collaboration once I get my shiz together.

SO SHOP FROM SMALL-BUSINESS ARTISTS. Sure, they make no money off of you, but if everybody shopped from them, we might be able to take a bite out of Val-demart Walmart.

Do you have a small art business or Etsy? Let me know about it! I would love to support you and your awesome.

(Also please check out these shops and artists that I have highlighted in previous posts, tweets, or pinterest pins: Real Pretend Vintage, Wonderstrumpet, Eleven19, Bad Baby QuiltsNicole Maki, and Native & Pilgrim.)

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