Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Embracing the Ugly

In a few days, I will be in a local magazine called Slug. I am excited, but I am setting my expectations low.  I fully expect that I will look like a super fat ugly dork. Because, hell. That has happened in all of my photos since I passed the 35 year-old mark. Unless I angle myself in exactly the right way, I end up looking like this:


A few weeks ago at the coffee shack, I posed for the slugmag photographer. A kazillion times. Sometimes holding my embroideries. Sometimes holding a flash so that I could get that cool camping-flashlight-under-the-chin look. I am sure that the magazine photographer was awesome and talented, but I doubt that he was worried about how I looked. He wanted a cool shot. I hope he got one. 

I was talking to my friend the other day about my fears and she wisely advised me to "Embrace the Ugly." So, that is what I will do. I WILL EMBRACE THE UGLY.

Before the photographer showed up, I took some selfies with my phone as evidence that I looked okay, in case the photo shoot resulted in me looking like a space slug.

See? Not too bad, right?

And do you like my hair?

Those are silver streaks.

I gave my hairstylist this photo and said, make it happen.

Who you gonna call? CAITLIN MORAN.

Everybody stay tuned! I will post the photos and links to the Slug Magazine article. Maybe only my embroideries will be in the issue without my body or face messing up the shot. Who knows! Or maybe I will look like Caitlin Moran! Or maybe I will look like a space slug. The magazine is appropriately named, "Slug," after all.


  1. Embrace the ugly. Interesting concept. Especially when you are adorable! :p

    I'm not quite ready to embrace the ugly yet, so I will continue dying and blow drying and spackling my ugly self into presentableness.

  2. Please post a link to your adorable picture! -- Not to another space slug.

    1. I think you have inspired me to start a space slug tumblr.