Friday, August 2, 2013

Kitchen tables are for crafting, not eating. Not that you would *eat* a kitchen table. But still. You get my point.

My kitchen table is buried under all of my crafting supplies. For the next week I am stitching my little fingers off in preparation for CRAFT LAKE CITY!

If you live in a Utah or one state away from Utah, you should go to this! Seriously. It is the coolest craft festival ever. Craft Lake City features a great selection of artists and alternative crafters. And I will be there and you should say hi to me and offer me a spoonful of your snow cone. 


My kitchen table is crowded with embroidery hoops and lace and picture frames and twenty million of those glue gun strings. From here on out my kids will be forced to eat standing up to the countertop. Who needs a kitchen table when you can stand next to the stovetop while eating a burger king burger?!?

Here are some pics of my table:

I hope to see you at CRAFT LAKE CITY! If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to email me at thecottonfloozy[at]gmail[dot]com!


  1. Don't let anyone get close enough to spill something on that table! Wish I could be at Craft Lake City.

    1. A minute ago my daughter sat down with pancakes and SYRUP. I gave her the evil eye and she ate standing up at the counter. I'm the best mom ever!

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