Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sporking an Elephant

Let me introduce you to an awesome army wife named Diane. Here's a bit of an email exchange I had with her over on Etsy:

"A popular saying amongst Army wives is about eating an elephant one bite at a time. (finding out about impending deployments & all that means tends to feel like getting an elephant stuffed in your mouth... at first you don't think you can do it)."

So, I made Diane this embroidery. 

This holiday season her husband is in Africa (his sixth deployment!) and they got to spend a short moment talking via a military video teleconference call. 

The holiday season can be tough for so many people and I truly admire the strength and dedication of those who serve our country and their army spouses. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to Diane and the #36thEngineerBrigade !!!

If you want to be extra cool, you could post one of your own Christmas photos with any of your holiday wishes to the #36thEngineer Brigade on Instagram. Or here on my page. THANKS!

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